Our emphasis is on the representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, including adversary proceeding litigation and bankruptcy appeals. We represent both secured and unsecured creditors. As a creditor, it is critical to protect your interest in a bankruptcy proceeding filed by someone who owes you money. The fact that someone files bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean that you're not going to get paid. However, there are certain actions that must be taken immediately upon being served with a notice of bankruptcy filing in order to preserve your rights.

You are a creditor if you (1) are the beneficiary under a deed of trust secured real estate, or (2) have obtained a judgment against someone (whether or not that judgment has been recorded), or (3) have a contract or note, or are otherwise owed money, but have not yet obtained a judgment. All of these interests need to be protected in a bankruptcy case by taking action.

We have many flexible fee arrangements, including flat-fee, which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to call us to discuss an appropriate fee plan.



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